The history of Vetraria di Pescia Sas it begins in the years following the Second World War, when the recovery plans gave the possibility to modernize and rebuild the old glass factory existing  at  Pescia, in Tuscany.

At the same time very closed, there was Meoni glass factory in the Uzzano area of Sant’Alluccio.

The competition between the two realities was considerable and in the next year there were some closure and reopening from  both companies, untill when they decide to create  the Cooperativa Vetraria di Pescia.

The Coop. last four years, in which they create external warehouses in various regions of Italy, one of them in Savignano sul Rubicone.

Over the years, many other glass factories were opened in Tuscany., there were good subsidies for the sector and this made it possible to equip themselves with more modern machines that churned out larger quantities of demijohns, flasks and bottles.

On that date, Mr. Giusti Donato managed the Savignano sul Rubicone warehouse. He moved with the whole family (Mrs. Franca and her two children, Lucia and Giuseppe).

He decided to continue the work in Savignano on his own, because his pride required him to persevere. Sohe did his best for the  family and for the others who followed him in the enterprise.

This is the explanation of the name of our company, which keeps the name of the founder Mr. Donato. Now the company is managed by the son Giuseppe and the nephew Lorenzo.


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